Our Additional Extracurricular Programs Include

Piano Lessons

Private piano lessons are provided during the school day at a break in the students’ schedule. Mrs. Snell, the piano teacher, works at whatever playing capability the students have already accomplished and try to accommodate whatever books they may already be using. The students perform at 2 recitals annually, one at Christmas and one at the end of the school year. Piano lessons are once a week and slots are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Performing Arts Department

The students will be divided into two groups at the beginning of the school year. Group A will focus on Drama for the first semester and Choir for the second semester; Group B will focus on Choir, then Drama. Choir members will learn Solfege, musical notation, and how to sing in parts. Drama members will learn performance skills, light scenery building, improvisation, and how to monologue and narrate. Each group will have one performance around Christmas and one at the end of the school year.


The library will be accessible once a week for all the students. With K4-2nd grade students, they will learn library skills including how to treat the books, the right way to remove and place books on the shelf, and some general book genres. 3rd-8th grade students will visit the library during their Reading period with the Reading teacher, Mrs. Chesher, and learn lessons that correlate with their classroom curriculum. All students on K5 students and above are able to check out books through our new electronic library database!

Band and Art Program

All students from K4 to 8th grade will have scheduled arts classes as part of our school’s STEAM emphasis. K4-2nd graders will take part in an art creation and appreciation course, while 3rd-8th graders will be offered the choice between becoming a member of the FACA concert band or taking advanced art lessons. In band, the students will learn the art of performance, musical notation, and have the opportunity to enhance their musical skills both individually and in a group setting. They will also have two concerts; one around Christmas and one at the end of the school year. The advanced art course will delve more deeply into artistic style, techniques, and the recreation of famous works. An art show will be held at the end of the school year, showcasing works from each art student, K4 on up.

To register your homeschool student for any extracurricular activities, or to register your Academy student for afterschool extracurricular activities, please fill out the above form and bring it to the school when registering your child.