There are many new and exciting things going on at First Assembly this semester already. We would like to offer a warm welcome to our Interim Childcare Director, Mrs. Heather Snell. Mrs. Snell has been with FACA for 4 1/2 years, working with the childcare for 2 of those years and both childcare and academy for the other 2 1/2 years. As her baccalaureate journey in Child and Family Studies comes to an end this semester, we found her to be a great interim fit. Her excitement and enthusiasm for the job, children, staff, and school have been evident throughout her time with FACA and we are glad that she has been willing to make this transition.

Additionally, our basketball team has launched its competitive season, already 2 games into our pilgrimage with BWS sports and our sports program in general. Our coach, Mr. Jeremiah O’Steen, and the Eagles basketball team have been training hard and are working towards a winning season. However, more importantly, they are working to spread the love of Christ to those with whom they compete.The cheer squad, coached by Mrs. Anne-Marie Chesher and Mrs. Heather Snell, is doing a fantastic job leading the crowd in engaging and rousing cheers. We are pleased to have the participation of several homeschool students on the cheer squad as well. Keep up with upcoming game times and locations on our calendar and Facebook page!

Another big change is happening soon – lowered registration cost for returning students! Down from $375 per student, families that re-enroll their students by March 1st will pay only $175, and returning families who register by May 23rd (the last day of the 2018-2019 school year) will pay only $250 per child. Why this sudden change? We want to honor our families who choose to keep their students at our school, entrusting us with their education for another year. After May 23rd, 2019, however, the registration fee will lock back in at $375 per child. Take advantage of this special opportunity before it’s too late!

Let us know what you think of these changes in the comments section below, and feel free to ask any questions or suggest other changes, too! On behalf of all the FACA staff, thank you for your diligent participation in your child’s education and in our school. We couldn’t do what we do without you.