Eagle Nation Newspaper Job Descriptions

Number 1 through 5 on the line in front of each job description.  Each month we will rotate jobs.  At the end of the school year the Eagle Nation Newspaper goal is to provide each newspaper member a portfolio of the years work.


________Editor in Chief Roles. The editor in chief is the top editor at a newspaper or magazine. … The editor in chief is ultimately responsible for the final product the company produces. She sets the tone, editorial direction and policies for the publication and makes sure every issue is consistent on these measures.

________Newspaper editors have the daily responsibility of deciding which news stories are printed in the paper. Long before the paper is published, the editor assigns reporters to cover the news, checks for accuracy and fairness in the newspaper’s articles and writes headlines.

________News reporters, also known as journalists, investigate, observe, interview and write news stories. Their general job duties include collecting information, preparing a factual story and creating articles or broadcasts that impart information to the public.

________News photographers, also known as photojournalists, capture snapshots of live events with the use of high-tech cameras. By taking these images, a news photographer is able to capture the feel and moment of an event for audiences reading journals, magazines or newspapers.

________The terms food criticfood writer, and restaurant critic can all be used to describe a writer who analyzes food or restaurants and then publishes the results of their findings. While these terms are not strictly synonymous they are often used interchangeably, at least in some circumstances.

________An advice columnist provides guidance to a publication’s readers. 

________Layout editors are primarily responsible for designing the format of publications, such as magazines, newspapers, books and online materials. They utilize layout software to assemble text, photographs and other content in an aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-read arrangement.